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Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

Over the past few years environmental, social and governance indicators have become extremely important for broader investment strategies. This sustainability data is collected from a wide variety of sources and helps fund managers to better valuate growth and risk. Indicators are comprehensive and include factors such as corporate policies, regulatory compliance, environmental impact and more. A better ESG score induces better performance.

In recent months, with the advent of a global pandemic, which has had a devastating economic impact, it has become even more critical for fund managers to invest in “future-proof” assets that at the same time impact health and global stability in a positive way.

ESG metrics used to be collected by fund managers who determined which data mattered for their investment strategy. This, of course, created many different datasets using different definitions. More recently, as companies have begun to see the value of this approach, they have started generating their own ESG data, publishing it in their annual reports and naturally creating even more data.

This allowed outside vendors to enter and aggregate all of this data, defining key metrics and publishing additional ESG scores for target companies. The vast amount of ESG data has grown enormously in recent years from a variety of sources, from machine learning data to geospatial mapping.

Relying on richer ESG data will help fund managers invest more consciously in more sustainable assets. But to continue to do so, they will need more objective and observable processes to assess the reliability of this data.

Next-generation Analytics

Data consumers are fighting a real battle to be able to navigate through large volumes of data, in increasingly complex environments and the know great number of silos that are currently part of the corporate landscape.

This needs to be streamlined so that anyone can find, understand and trust data assets, driving data-driven decision-making processes, and thereby amplifying the positive impact of analytics on the business. This requires solutions that can natively connect to many of the most common BI and data science tools, unlocking a wide range of critical information and knowledge and making it available throughout the organization.

With proper self-service analytics capabilities, the right people become capable of exploring and mapping business insights into the organization’s data. As business users are empowered with data, the IT function is transformed to refocus on delivering reliable and accurate data to the business.

Furthermore, having a clear governance approach is critical to the success of an analytics practice.

The good news is that you can take control over data without losing the agility and speed that self-service analytics bring to your business.

With the right tools, IT can create, publish, certify and monitor shared data sources across the organization.

We believe in capabilities that can give organizations speed in self-service analytics, with the confidence in the data that comes from consistently adopting data governance’s best practices.

Risk and Compliance

Dealing with the challenge of managing personal data requires a human-centric approach. Companies need solutions that really help them discover and automatically classify sensitive and large-scale data assets.

And to guide people, they need recommendations, flags and policy information right in the daily activities and workflows of data consumers, making data privacy compliance and ethics a central part of the data culture.

Enterprise-level regulatory challenges such as LGPD, CCPA and GDPR must be met by supporting compliance at scale, cataloging corporate data, operationalizing privacy policies, and performing impact analysis in a centralized location. This makes it possible to produce a unified view of potential risk, allowing companies to model risk analysis to proactively identify, manage and mitigate risks.

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