Data Companies, Data Culture, Data Driven and the fable of Startups

During my good years in the financial business, I learned that everything you do not adopt while things are small will turn into a big nightmare in the future. This is no different for Data Governance and Privacy processes regardless of the size of the company.   In a company already structured with a few decades of road certainly […]

The Rising Need for Data Governance in Healthcare

Healthcare is changing, and it all comes down to data. Leaders in healthcare seek to improve patient outcomes, meet changing business models (including value-based care), and ensure compliance while creating better experiences. Data & analytics represents a major opportunity to tackle these challenges. Indeed, many healthcare organizations today are embracing digital transformation and using data to […]

Soda introduces new reporting API

Soda Introduces Operational Analytics Dashboards to Gather Insights on Platform Usage & Data Quality Efforts It’s a stubbornly persistent struggle for organizations to ensure that their tech investments deliver on their promise, with the intended value and benefit. And with an increased investment in new data quality management solutions, we’ve heard many data teams ask […]