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Strategic Initiatives

Our core capabilities include business-oriented, strategic, analytical, and technical support, as well as the knowledge and practice to gain important insights into business opportunities and effectively direct those insights to stakeholders by gathering knowledge to create, define and deliver business architecture, contributing to the development and implementation of market trends, aligned with the overall IT and business strategy.

Our PS team also can support the implementation of strategies, with an emphasis on building, managing, and optimizing data pipelines to produce insights that serve the business areas.

The team also delivers the capabilities required to manage information flows, its integrity, efficiency, availability, and quality of data involved.

Our team is willing to lead our Customer in all phases of implementation and rollout, from initial conception, go-live and continuous adoption of the solutions we deliver.

The program’s target is to quickly create value for the business, offering a skilled team and a clear plan for adoption and expansion.

Throughout the cycle of execution and delivery of services, we allocate different professional profiles and backgrounds to ensure that deliveries occur accordingly, such as:
a. Project manager.
b. Solutions engineer.
c. Data scientist.
d. Data engineer, and
e. Data and information architect.

CTO as a Service (“CaaS”)

Simply put, CaaS means a third-party agent whose responsibilities are virtually the same as a traditional full-time CTO. CaaS provides a reformulation of the collaboration model between a custom software development company and its Customers.

Although new, the concept of CTO as a Service tends to grow more and more, especially in the universe of startups. The reason is basically one: a CTO has a great capacity to impact the growth of a business.

Verodati delivers technical and business advisory services from a chief technology officer to companies that don’t count on this specific role or don’t know how to hire one.

Data Fabric

With a Data Fabric both your business users and data scientists can access more reliable and accurate information, with greater agility. This will serve your applications, analytics, machines or systems with Artificial Intelligence, whether in machine learning or business process automation models. All of this helps to make better decisions.

So that technical teams can make use of it to simplify data governance in scenarios configured with complex hybrid and multi-cloud data, what can reduce costs and operational risks significantly.

But why a Data Fabric? What’s is the problem?

a. Constant rise in the number of data sources that need to be integrated and the diversity of these (structured, semi- and unstructured).

b. Increased number of data silos due to a move into more business -owned and business-driven applications.

c. Demand for agility in data integration.

d. Requirements for cost reduction due to increased competition.

e. Migration to the cloud, resulting in hybrid environments where selecting and implementing the best data integration method is key.

So the simpler Data Fabric definition? A catalog of metadata for all data assets that is automatically populated, allows users to traverse how the metadata is related, uses intelligence to add to the metadata, and supports teams who are doing pipeline building (ETL) and anyone who is building and/or using analytics.

Reach out if you want to talk to our data experts. 

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